OCEAN Design Research Association

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Digital Creativity

chamberworks-tegninger-webResearch Area: Digital Creativity 
Principal Researcher: Prof. Dr. Birger R. Sevaldson 
Research Period: 1997-2007 
Research Status: completed 
Doctoral Thesis 2005: Developing Digital Design Techniques 

The aim of this research was to take account of, analyze and develop techniques for the use of computers in the design process. The focus has been on 'manual' techniques and less on programming, proposing that the most potent results are achieved in the interplay between the designer and the computer, with the latter used as a generative tool. Following this idea the research has been conducted through practice (research by design). This also triggered an interest in practice based research methods. The PhD thesis concluded with a model of a design process that exploits the benefits from the layering and switching between multiple design techniques, modes and strategies.

1 Computer-aided Design Techniques
2 The Renaissance of Visual Thinking
3 Ways of Working
4 Developing Digital Design Techniques (doctoral thesis)