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Rapid Formations

Rapid Formations - 2002
Commissioned by the Trussardi Foundation Milan

OCEAN web_SmallFormations_01_lowres

Project Coordinator: Prof. Birger R. Sevaldson
Project Team: Prof. Birger R. Sevaldson with Prof. Steinar Killi, RP-Technology, Oslo School of Architecture
RP technology: 3DSystems Sinterstation 2500 @ Oslo School of Architecture

Form study and development of techniques of production of a series of hollow objects. Typical themes where splitting, self-intersection and texturing. The objects where exhibited at the Formations show at the Trussardi Foundation in Milan.

OCEAN web_SmallFormations_02_lowres

OCEAN web_SmallFormations_03_lowres

OCEAN web_SmallFormations_04_lowres