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ossts web 

OSSTS: Oslo Sound Space Transport System

An OCEAN project

Concept, sound, composition and audio programming and sensor design: Natasha Barrett 
Project management: Natasha Barrett, Birger Sevaldson
Installation concept: OCEAN, Natasha Barret, Michael 
Hensel, Birger Sevaldson
Projections: OCEAN, Joakim Hoen
Room design: OCEAN, Søren Skjensvold Sørensen
Design collaborators: Silje Maloney Barth, Marianne Røthe Arnesen, Alexandre Chappel, Lawrence Ssekitoleko

The project is sponsored by
Kulturrådet          NOTAM        Galleri AHO

OSSTS opening reception Tuesday 20th November 17.00 Gallery AHO, Maridalsveien 29.

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The Oslo Sound Space Transport System (OSSTS) is an interactive sound-space installation that allows you to journey through Oslo's real acoustic architecture and explore surreal and fictional Oslo-inspired sound-spaces. An interactive interface provides complete freedom to travel where you wish, as well as in real-time hear your own voice as if you were in these real spaces.

OSSTS uses 3D acoustic room models, a 3D loudspeaker projection system, binaural headphone rendering, video projection and a continuum from sound-reality to sound-fiction. The concept and sound composition of OSSTS was created by composer Natasha Barrett and the physical installation space was created by designer Birger Sevaldson and the OCEAN Design Research Association. The installation is produced by the OCEAN design research association.

Natasha Barrett (UK / NO) is one of the worlds leading electronic music composers. Her works span the diversity of interactive installations to live-electronics, concert composition, sound-art and a fascination with sound and space. After many years of international prizes and recognitions, in 2006 she received the Nordic Council Music Prize. OSSTS is her third project in collaboration with Birger Sevaldson and the OCEAN Design Research Association resulting in five installations.

Birger Sevaldson is a designer and professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design working in a wide range of design research. He has been in a long term collaboration with Natasha Barrett on the context of OCEAN.

The projects main funding was by the Cultural Council of Norway through an application by OCEAN. The first half was the financing of a one year long composition and sound creation project. The second half was funding for the construction of the installation space, interface and sound system.



DSC 0636

DSC 0638

Pictures from the sound recordings on sites. These are both 3D sound recordings and impulse responce recordings capturing a virtual model of the accoustics at the site.

DSC 0313_web

Oslo Opera House


DSC 0363_web

Botanical Garden


DSC 0371_web

Oslo Central Station


DSC 0378_web

Oslo Cathedral




Pictures from the construction: