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M-Velope - 2012 - ongoing


Project Coordination: Jeffrey Turko

Project team: Pavel Hladik, Christina Doumpioti

Engineering Consultants: ARUP London - Giulio Antonutto, Luca Dellatorre

M-Velope sets out to challenge the notion of the two dimensional building façade through the deployment of multiple and varied enveloping conditions. Producing a thickened threshold with the outcome offering varied spatial provisions. Transforming the homogeneous experience of inside and outside into an overlapping of multiple interior and exterior heterogeneous spatial conditions. This varied spatial condition is achieved through the combination of Membranes of varied materiality and the
self-supporting structural steel mesh.

The Steel Mesh provides three primary criteria for the M-Velope. It provides the self-supporting structure, it also sets out the spatial divisions through the twisted ruled surface logic, and finally through the materiality of the mesh a provision of screened conditions initiates a porous visual gradient between interior and exterior conditions. In addition the twisted surface logic also articulates the visual framing that connects the
interior and exterior setting allowing for focused uninterrupted views into the
interior to highlight specific works or to set out visual affiliations from the interior to the surrounding exterior streetscape and life. There are also integrated areas to sit and rest to allow the gallery visitors and the passerby to stop and take in the experience.

The Membranes further articulate and accentuate the spatial divisions and visual screening conditions set out by the logic of the Steel Mesh Structure. Providing diffused and varied conditions of light penetration as well as a gradient of spatial hierarchies.
Acting at times as a visual and acoustic shroud from the streetscape and as an
inviting space to experience for the passer by. Going from public to semi-public/private to private within varied enveloped spaces that lay between exterior, semi-interior/exterior and interior spatial conditions.



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