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Skatescape Busan

Skatescape Busan - 2004

Inline Skatepark commissioned by the Busan Biennale 2004

OCEAN Busan_Innlineskatepark_black_lowres

Project Team: Michael U. Hensel and Achim Menges

The Skatescape Busan Project is a design study for an inline skating and skateboarding landscape commissioned by the Busan Biennale 2004The proposed design is based on a geometric study of hp surfaces and aims at integrating the geometric logics and manufacturing possibilities of hp surfaces. Therefore the design facilitates a landscape of different curvatures by employing two generic elements: the hp surface tile and the connective surfaces between tiles. The tiles consist of primary frames that define the curvature of the surfaces which are geometrically described as a sequence of straight lines. These straight lines are then informed by possible manufacturing, construction and assembly techniques in such a manner that the primary frame and the secondary surface are articulated as straight members. As these relations are identified and developed as geometric logics of the generic tile they can also be instrumentalised for each individual surface tile. The individual geometry of each tile can then be manipulated through parametric variations such as the length and angles of the primary support frame. Each individual tile will remain coherent with the geometric and manufacturing logics of the generic tile. Through these geometric variations a set of 24 tiles is articulated that can be arranged in many different configurations - four of which are shown above. The secondary surfaces that connect the anti-clastic hp surface tiles are blending the different individual curvatures into a larger surface topography with different degrees of curvature and synclastic as well as anticlastic surface regions. The rigorous employment of these relatively simple geometric interrelations allows to articulate a differentiated skating landscape that provides different routes and terrains for all skill levels of skaters.